Gender Bias is a global issue however I will focus on South Africa with reference to other countries

I have read the Bill of Rights and here are some extracts however this is not the case. Equality: You cannot be discriminated against Life: You have the right to lifeHuman Dignity: Your dignity must be respected and protectedJust administrative action: Actions by the government must be fairChildren: Children under the age of 18 have special rights, like the right not to be abused.Access to courts: You can have a legal problem decided by a court, or a similar structure
We live in this fantastic country South Africa where we have a rich history with a Constitution and the Bill of Rights sadly it is only a little book with no implementation only talk. In my experience Gender Bias runs in our Family Court System. Many women fought for equality and new laws were legislated to protect true victims.

I have noticed nowadays women use these laws to their advantage in family courts by falsely accus…
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