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Gender Bias is a global issue however I will focus on South Africa with reference to other countries

I have read the Bill of Rights and here are some extracts however this is not the case.
  • Equality: You cannot be discriminated against
  • Life: You have the right to life
  • Human Dignity: Your dignity must be respected and protected 
  • Just administrative action: Actions by the government must be fair
  • Children: Children under the age of 18 have special rights, like the right not to be abused.
  • Access to courts: You can have a legal problem decided by a court, or a similar structure

We live in this fantastic country South Africa where we have a rich history with a Constitution and the Bill of Rights sadly it is only a little book with no implementation only talk.
In my experience Gender Bias runs in our Family Court System. Many women fought for equality and new laws were legislated to protect true victims.

I have noticed nowadays women use these laws to their advantage in family courts by falsely accusing men and erasing fathers from the lives of their children.

False allegation by women of child abuse, domestic violence etc. are almost never questioned by our magistrates, judges and maintenance officers etc. for fear of being political incorrect.(Fear for Being Wrong)

Women feel justified in punishing men and to use false charges. Children are forgotten and have become our newest victims with full cooperation from our Family Court system. Children need fathers too and not just money. Our Family Courts are to be blamed for the affected disfunctional families and our children’s uncertain future. My family is a result of this.

Women have become educated in the ways of our legal system and use it to their advantage as they have mastered role playing and committing perjury it is an accepted practice unconditionally in our Family courts.

Most women file for divorces today. The first person to file normally wins. The unfortunate male against whom false allegation are charged must prove their innocence while the women proves nothing.

Innocent fathers are involved in nasty divorces and maintenance cases from woman who wants to be little men and are helpless in Family Courts. This is very important, children laws are more superior then the Bill of Rights in South Africa, technically we are to be equal and it seems like a myth. Child support/ maintenance laws are now abused by the Family Courts and many times unfairly enforced. There are stories of fathers that lost their jobs and other circumstances beyond their control. When the mother insist on back pay and maintenance support the man gets thrown into jail and get a criminal record. The future of the father and children are destroyed forever as our Family Courts don’t really know how to enforce equal rights as per our Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Maintenance is based on the male group’s salary and not on all aspects surrounding the child.

The state ordinates use the word just I found they don’t know what the word means and for any order to take place it should be lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair.

Definition of Just

By their very nature the words 'just and equitable' are incapable of an all-embracing and exhaustive definition, and it is not surprising that the Courts have been unable to define them in an all-encompassing manner.

In its plain, grammatical meaning, "just" means inter alia correct, appropriate, fair-minded, sound, deserved, fitting, reasonable, justified and "equitable" means inter alia even-handed, fair, honest, reasonable, right.

Debtor prison is our most recent politically correct means to control men. Here it shows Family Courts condone all that women allege, accuse and dictate to control men. False allegation of child abuse by vengeful ex-wife destroy not only children, but fathers. Courts believe women over men in South Africa. By the time the father/male individual are found innocent, he lost his job, reputation and everything he owned.

If I look at my situation women are our children’s primary child abuser. Our Family Courts in South Africa consistently believe “The mother is always the best parent”,

Numerous mothers today emotionally, intimidate and blackmail their children into fabricating abuse by their fathers. Fathers are automatically capable of abuse before a mother. Mothers are intentionally denying visitation or contact with the children to loving and active fathers. Why are these major offenses not looked at? Oh sorry it is an acceptable practice allowed by our courts.

I quote from article” One of the saddest true stories is a little nine year old boy who was put in a mental institution by his mother until he stopped saying, "I want to see my daddy.” My own child told me her mother mentioned “if they are not adhering to her orders she will take them to court like their father as well” Mothers (May abuse their children). 

I have many stories of my own experience to share and” Divorce / Maintenance is a reality. It is currently hundreds of thousands rand up to millions a year business for attorneys. Contested divorce is a warfare whether people want to acknowledge it or not. 

Everyone wants a story. There are none unless we all recognize the gender bias against males perpetuated in Family Court today, and the undeniable damage it does to our children. Women can manipulate child support deprive their children of their fathers, and ruin their husbands. The truth no longer exists in our legal system. They say not guilty until proven but when you name is mentioned, presence and gender shows you guilty automatically

I am sure if we are to revisit maintenance, divorce and protection orders we will find many judgements that were enforced are not procedurally done properly as per our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

There are Feminist" movements which advocates false allegations, destroying children, and eliminating good fathers. 

  • The question is can we trust the courts/ legal system to make a right decision? 
  • How well are these people trained? 
  • Does State ordinates know what they are doing or are there too much laws to comprehend? 
  • Are they abusing their power? 
  • Is it about statistics?

Many fathers were and are in jail just to find them victims of the legal system and all they say sorry, pay money out for damages for convenient mistakes or hope they never file for damages.

Statistics on the Crime of Fatherlessness

Fatherlessness is now being intentionally and unconstitutionally created by Family Courts.
What does this mean? Children from fatherless homes are:

“According to South African Institute of Race Relations, by 2009 – 56% of divorces with children were published, 48% proportion of children with absent, living fathers, 52% of which represents black fathers and total number of orphans 3.95 million. These numbers continue to increase.
  • 9 million children grow up without fathers in South Africa,
  • 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes;
  • More than a third of the country’s prisoners are aged 18 – 25.
  • Nearly 50 000 school girls became pregnant in 2007 a 151% increase since 2003.
  • Nearly a third of 12 – 14 year olds said they had easy access to marijuana and 8% had easy access to crack cocaine”

Children who are in the care of single mothers are more likely to be seriously abused so that they will require medical attention.

The real victims of Gender Bias in our Family Courts are children 

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